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Embrace The Camera is just that, a series about embracing your camera. Whether it's a fancy DSLR, the camera on your phone, or anything in between, I'm a firm believer that the best camera is the one that's with you and my goal is to encourage you to use it. 
Challenge #1 Embrace the Everyday
This week I challenge you to capture what your everyday looks like. The pile of laundry to be folded, the toys your children are playing with right now, and the routines you find yourself going though each day.

I know this might feel a little strange at first, but try to look at it from this perspective: How cool would it be to have photos like this from your parents, grandparents, or even great grandparents? To be able to see the pieces of their everyday lives, the toys their children played with, the bedrooms they grew up in, and the "modern conveniences" of the time that helped them get through their everyday chores.

I mean think about it, the special occasions that we have so many pictures of - birthdays, holidays, milestones, etc- are not what make up a majority of our lives. No instead it's those seemingly mundane everyday sort of things that make up our everyday.

These photos do not have to be perfect. The idea is to capture them, right now, because though they my be part of your everyday at the moment, everyday routines seem to be in a state of slow but constant change. All to soon your son will be outgrowing his favorite racecars, your daughter will outgrow pulling her socks off for you to find scattered around the house, and you will no longer have that pile of tiny baby clothes to fold that somehow, even though the clothes are so tiny, seems to be twice as big as your own clothes. So stop what you're doing right now, take 2 minutes to walk around your home and snap a few photos. Let's start now!
A load of diapers in the dryer...an every other day occurrence around here.
The two reasons behind why the sliding glass door is covered in smudges all the time.
She's obsessed with shoes lately. We try our best to keep them put away and out
of reach, but the moment she finds one she tries to sneak away. Sometimes makes
finding a complete pair difficult.
A pile of books and toys beneath the bookshelf. I put them away,
she pulls them out again.  Her favorite game.
'Up Mama!' I'm all to happy to oblige, it won't be long until she's asking
to be put down rather than picked up.
The nightlight in our hallway. Makes walking between
bedrooms easier at night. She may be 9 months old,
but she's still not sleeping though the night and I know
once she is that a (very) small part of me will miss it.
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