Keeping Kids Safe with Laundry Pacs May 03 2016, 0 Comments

Article written by: Lindsay Fagan of Macaroni Kid (this is a sponsored article) 

I am a mom.  A busy mom of three amazing kids under the age of 7.  Like many moms, I wear many hats and I try to be everything to everyone while working from home.  My youngest child is 2.  Want to know one of my biggest fears?  That in my busyness, in the chaos of everyday life, I am going let something slip through the cracks.  And I don’t mean that I am going to forget to sign the permission slip or forget to pick up the milk from the supermarket.  I am scared, to death actually, that I am going to have one of those “I only looked away for one second” stories…. The ones we all read about… the ones that we always say that it will never happen to us but secretly deep down we know it could… And that one of my children is going to get hurt.


So what am I going to do about it?  Everything humanly possible to make sure it doesn’t happen to me and through Macaroni Kid help to make sure it doesn’t happen to you!  In a HUGE step in that direction, I am so excited to announce that Macaroni Kid is now an active member of the P&G Fabric Care Advisory Board!

First and foremost on the P&G Fabric Care Advisory Board’s agenda is discussing laundry pacs.  Currently being used in 20% of American households, liquid laundry pacs have quickly become popular due to their concentrated cleaning power.  Laundry pacs are truly amazing as they are premeasured, no mess, just throw them in the machine before adding clothes and done!  This high concentration however, does pose a potential risk, especially to children between the ages of 0-3.  During this phase of childhood, it is absolutely normal (and necessary actually) for children to explore with both their hands and their mouth.  This is why it is CRUCIAL that parents get in the habit of keepings laundry pacs up and keeping the container closed, so that you can keep your kids safe.   It will hopefully become second nature.  This way if you are doing laundry, and the phone rings, or the delivery man is knocking on the door, your laundry pacs will be away from that curious toddler.

P&G has also taken important steps to deter children from playing with laundry pacs.  They have partnered with Safe Kids Worldwide, The American Cleaning Institute, and The American Academy of Pediatrics to raise awareness and prevent injury due to laundry pacs.  Also, beginning in May, P&G will begin phasing into stores new packaging that is compliant with a new ASTM standard for laundry packet design and packaging.  Tide Pods and Gain Flings will now be in a bag that features a Child-GuardTM zipper!  This packaging is especially designed for families with young children in mind.  While the Child-GuardTM zipper will help with deterring young children from opening the package, it is still critical to keep all laundry pods up and closed, so you can keep your kids safe!

And if you have that moment…. The one you have always been scared of…. Please, please call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222.  In fact, why not just save that number in your phone right now – you never know when you, a friend, a neighbor, or even a stranger may need it!

Please take a moment to watch Tide's "It Only Takes a Moment" video below and share with your friends and loved ones!